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Women, Trauma and Violence: Relational Perspectives

Thursday, 07 March 2013

Two Day Conference

Women with traumatic histories often struggle to verbalise their experiences.  Instead they can become involved in violent enactments in their relationships towards others, including their own children, or towards their own bodies.

These enactments can present complex challenges to individual practitioners, teams and organisations. Typically, a barrage of painful and difficult feelings and experiences reverberate throughout the treatment setting. Without some way of thinking about, understanding and processing these experiences, there is a risk that the original trauma can be reproduced between the patients and those looking after them and between the professionals themselves, which can create risky situations that could impact on the effectiveness of treatment provision.

This two day workshop will clarify the developmental impact of traumatic experience on mental health and violence. The requirement for individual practitioners and services for women to contain immense distress and risk will be examined and strategies essential to achieve this will be described. A series of keynote sessions and interactive workshops will be provided by presenters with considerable expertise in women’s services. In addition, small discussion groups will offer a facilitated reflective space for delegates to discuss their work experiences in more detail.

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