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Survey on the provision of psychotherapy in medium secure services

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

The Royal College of Psychiatrists’ Quality Network for Forensic Mental Health Services is conducting a survey of how much psychotherapy is available to patients in UK medium secure units.

Given the current job cuts in psychotherapy services, it is welcome news that the Royal College of Psychiatrists is carrying out this important investigation. In October 2011 they circulated a questionnaire designed to find out about the availability of psychodynamic treatment in UK medium secure units. This includes psychodynamically oriented therapies, such as Mentalization Based Therapy, Cognitive Analytic Therapy and group psychotherapy, as well as arts therapies such as art, drama or music.

The survey asks how many posts relating to these forms of therapy there are in existence, what challenges practitioners face in delivering their services, and what plans there are (if any) for expansion.

Interestingly, the questions also cover the provision of psychodynamically-orientated staff support, reflective practice, training and supervision – which can be crucial to support those working with mentally disordered offenders, but are often overlooked.

The results of the survey and any conclusions and recommendations are still awaited – we will let you know what the findings are when they are announced.

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