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Schizoid Personality, paedophilia, psychopathy - Psychodynamic approaches and approaches from an organizational perspective

Thursday, 09 February 2017

A two day seminar of the Transference Focused Therapy Institute of Munich and the German branch of the International Association for Forensic Psychotherapy.

The fifth annual seminar of the TFP Institute and the IAFP explored some special issues on forensic psychotherapy in Munich with Professor Dr Gerhard Damman.

Dr Markus Feil, psychologist, psychoanalyst and head of the Munich outpatient clinic for sex offenders and violent offenders in Germany discussed, in his contribution, the broad range of the clinical characteristics of the disorders and the different structural levels within the diagnostic category of paedophilia. From his research he showed the prognostic relevance of the clinical characteristics and their comorbidity with antisocial tendencies.

Tilman Kluttig, senior clinical psychologist and psychotherapist in Reichenau Psychiatric Hospital, Germany, explored different aspects of the treatment of antisocial and psychopathic offenders, based on his experiences as a supervisor in the prison system and in preventative detention. He especially looked at the tension between the demands and expectations of society and the justice system; what therapy should achieve and the limits of treatment, either caused by the offender’s personality structure or the restraints of psychotherapy, within the prison system. 

The final presentation by Dr Corinna Wernz, psychoanalyst and lecturer at the Munich Academy for Psychotherapy and Psychoanalysis and TFP Institute Munich, and Dr Mathias Lohmer, psychoanalyst and supervisor at theTFP Institute, Munich, focused on the difficulty of maintaining the narcissistic balance of staff groups in forensic psychiatry and in the prison system. 

As in previous years the seminar continued the successful format of a mixture of theoretical input, three case supervision groups with the speakers as alternating supervisors, and group meetings of all participants evaluating theoretical input and practical experiences in the supervision groups. About 45 delegates from forensic psychotherapy, psychiatry and prison system from Germany, Austria and Switzerland came this year to the seminar and shared a vivid and enriching exchange of experienced and new clinical practitioners in this field. Due to the enthusiastic feedback of the participants we will hold this seminar again next year.

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