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My professional visit to Moscow

Thursday, 15 December 2016

Honorary Life President of the IAFP, Dr. Estela Welldon, reports on a recent visit to meet with colleagues in Moscow.

Dear All: This is a picture of my very 1st day in Moscow when I was invited by the Russian psychoanalytical association via one of its members.

IMG 3948

Konstantin Nemirovski who was extremely professional and correct in all his dealings not only with organising all my seminars and conferences but also touristic tours to all places of interest including art museums and operas as well as all the seminars and lectures plus translating my book MMW into Russian.

He managed to get more than 130 professionals some even from Siberia. He and some of his colleagues, who are working in prisons, have shown a great interest in Forensic Psychotherapy to the extent of even considering to form in the future a Russian branch. Meantime he is writing an abstract to submit to our Catania conference when he is planing to attend with his fiancĂ©.  Estela Welldon.

IMG 3968

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