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"Managing Personality Disordered Offenders: A Pathways Approach" Edited by Colin Campbell and Jackie Craissati

Tuesday, 13 November 2018


  • An invaluable practical guide to an innovative and psychologically informed approach to the management of offenders with personality disorder.
  • Each chapter reviews the evidence base for a component of the Offender Personality Disorder (OPD) pathway then provides a more practical, detailed "how to do it" guide.
  • The authors have extensive experience in the development and delivery of services for personality disordered offenders in health and criminal justice settings.

Managing Personality Disordered Offenders tackles a complex and controversial question: how best to deliver services to some of the most complex and high risk offenders who are often excluded from mainstream provision? The book outlines the implementation of the Offender Personality Disorder (OPD) pathway in an urban setting. Striking a balance between an academic text and a practical guide, the book covers the broad range of key tasks in developing and delivering an OPD service: from staff training to case formulation and service user involvement to commissioning. The authors review the relevant literature and explain why they chose the approach they took before reviewing what has worked and, as importantly, what has not. Each chapter concludes with a section on the evaluation of different components of the OPD pathway to date and the final chapter proposes some future directions for the pathway.

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