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Appeal for information on care for women mentally disordered offenders

Wednesday, 03 April 2013

This is an appeal for your help gathering information on international patterns of care for women mentally disordered offenders/women in secure hospital or prison health care.

At St George’s University of London we are attempting to collate information, country by country, on services (type of facility, key players, locations/names and addresses of units and styles of intervention) that assess and/or treat women with a combination of mental health problems and offending behaviour/criminal history. We are adopting a variety of techniques, including this message, to get this information, which will inevitably be a patchwork.   We very much hope that we can create a web based output that will provide a decent basis for international networking, information sharing and collaborative research in this area of clinical practice.

If you can provide any such information (even very basic) yourself, that would be wonderful. Alternatively, if you know anyone who is linked professionally to the secure care of women outside of England and Wales, who might be well placed to provide local/regional/national information relating to their country please could you either send us their contact details or contact them and ask them to email Despoina Bardosi, who is working with me, or text me on 07970432291.


The mapping exercise itself will be available on Google map and is not intended to include confidential or sensitive information. It is planned to be a free resource for criminal justice and health agencies and interested individuals in different countries.


This mapping exercise forms one component of a larger project funded by the Specialist Commissioning Group operating on behalf of the London Primary Care Trusts. The other elements of the project include:


  • Mapping women’s secure care units in England and Wales

  • Establishing pathways of care for the population of women in England and Wales detained in low and medium secure hospital care

  • A systematic review of psychological and psychiatric interventions offered to women in secure care




Thanks very much

Annie Bartlett

Reader in Forensic Psychiatry

Clinical Director (jt) Offender Care CNWL FT




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