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AGM: call for nominations

Wednesday, 11 March 2015

The IAFP invites nominations for the posts of Secretary and four Council members. Elections will take place at the AGM on 20th March 2015 at the annual conference in Yale, Connecticut, USA.

Please send your nomination(s) by 18th March 2015 bearing in mind the person has to:

  • Be a member of the IAFP Agree to be nominated
  • Be nominated by a member of the IAFP
  • Have an active e-mail address so that they can be a member of the Board list
  • Provide a brief biography of 200 words

Please do not hesitate to come forward, as the IAFP needs some fresh members who will encourage the growth and development of the organisation during the next few years.

Previous post-holders would be more than happy to talk informally to anybody who is interested, and would also be available to help and support their successors to ensure the smooth running of IAFP business. You won’t be without help if you are interested in going forward to the election. Nominations should be emailed to Dr Jessica Yakeley, IAFP Secretary at:

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