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Event Date Thu 9th May 2019 6:00 pm
Event End Date Sat 11th May 2019 6:00 pm
Registration Deadline Fri 10th May 2019
Individual Price 300.00
Location Psychiatric Hospital in Reichenau
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Crossing Frontiers – Flight, Displacement and Migration in Forensic Psychotherapy


After the 20th century World Wars, humanity became seriously concerned about maintaining peace and safety. Progress was made but this new century has seen a return to wars and genocides supported by weapons and exacerbated by the widening of the global split between poor and rich. As a consequence, flight, displacement and migration have become key issues. Extreme right-wing politics and their particular rhetoric are prominent in the political sphere. Values of coexistence, cooperation, understanding and human rights risk to be seen as signs of weakness and impotence. In this conference we will be exploring these topics in relation to forensic psychotherapy’s contribution to improving the lives of migrants, refugees and all involved.


This conference is located in the tradition of IAFP’s understanding of forensic psychotherapy as a “collaborative endeavor between a range of disciplines and agencies” (Cordess & Cox, 1996) and it sets itself to explore the above described changes and their impact on society and the individual. What can forensic psychotherapy contribute to the problems of the split in societies caused by the autocratic rhetoric? How can the conflict between xenophobic rhetoric and racism and a realistic, non-idealizing view on migrants be balanced? How is the situation of refugees and immigrants in our countries to be understood and what are the challenges which this poses to our discipline? How do we understand origin, nature and extent of criminality among refugee and migrant populations? How can a custodial or forensic mental healthcare system work if about 40% of the inmates are from foreign countries, as for example in the state of Baden-Württemberg? Which special trainings and resources and cultural skills are needed to be able to work successfully with mentally ill and/or criminal migrants? What are the specific problems of mentally ill migrants who have committed crimes? How can we understand in a non-xenophobic way the sexual and violent offences of male migrants? What connections can be traced between complex trauma and offences by migrants? And what, if anything, might these questions have to do with the problems of terror and terrorism in both the public and the private spheres? The German philosopher Ernst Bloch started his main work “The principle of hope” with the words “Thinking means venturing beyond. But in such a way that what already exists is not kept under or skated over.“ In this spirit we want to explore as well how forensic psychotherapy can break new grounds, e.g. in the treatment of psychopathy and perversion, in mentalization based therapy of personality disorders, in the integration of modern instruments of risk assessment and prognosis in psychodynamic forensic psychotherapy, in the treatment of the reluctant patient, the use of the operationalized psychodynamic diagnostics system OPD 2, rethinking the RNR-Model in a psychodynamic way and other subjects – new ideas are welcome!



Pre-conference 9th of May 2019


Connecting the theme of the conference “Crossing Frontiers – Flight, Displacement and Migration in Forensic Psychotherapy“ participants are invited to propose working groups to (further) develop new work related projects. Participants may choose to organise themselves in groups of other members in their native languages to explore local similarities/differences, or to form theme-based groups. The structure of the pre-conference will encourage the different working groups to interact. To learn from each other by experience (W. Bion) and to support this exchange, we will make use of intergroup events and (other) systemic-psychodynamic formats and interventions – including Large Group plenaries - in the spirit of imagining the pre-conference as analogous to the idea of ‘a global village (M. McLuhan).

The structure of the pre-conference will allow for the formation of ad hoc working groups arising from plenary discussions on the day. However, we invite you to discuss with colleagues about whether you might like propose possible working group topics and formats in advance and the organisers would like to invite you to involve us in your considerations as soon as possible so as that we can communicate these proposals to others and to suggest possible collaborations.



For further information and conference updates have a look on the IAFP-Website


or contact the organizers:

Mr. Tilman Kluttig, Senior Clinical Psychologist

Zentrum für Psychiatrie Reichenau, Clinic for Forensic Psychiatry and Psychotherapy, Feursteinstr. 55, D-78479 Reichenau, Germany

Email: t.kluttig(at) - Phone: +49 7531 977 527



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Travel and Accommodation



Conference Location:

The conference will take place at the Zentrum für Psychiatrie Reichenau, Clinic for Forensic Psychiatry and Psychotherapy, Feursteinstr. 55, D-78479 Reichenau, Germany.

How to get there:

From Konstanz: commuter trains from Konstanz station to Reichenau take 8 minutes and are fairly regular.  The station you need to stop at is called Reichenau “Bahnhof”.

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