Group Therapy for Victims and Perpetrators of Incest

Abuse is an inter-generational problem. Abusers have been damaged in childhood by abusive action perpetrated on them, usually by their parents but sometimes by other significant adults. At times, in becoming adults, the early emotional damage can manifest into psychopathological features, including perversions or paraphilias and perpetration of abuse against children.

People suffering from perversions present great difficulties for psychiatrists, one of which is based on these individuals' inability to intersperse a thought process before they commit the perverse action. Treatment has often been considered at best unrewarding, at worst impossible. Many sufferers encounter forensic psychiatrists in the course of brushes with the law, and many spend much of their lives in prison. When such people present a threat to the community, custodial care may be the only realistic option. However, punishment and incarceration are unlikely to have any effect upon the perversion.
Last updated on: Wednesday, 11 April 2012

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