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Dr Caterina Marchetti


Executive Council

Dr. Caterina Marchetti is a psychologist, psychoanalytic psychotherapist and specialist in criminology and forensic sciences.  She studied and trained at the Institute of Psychotherapeutic Psychoanalysis (I.P.P) of Turin, Italy and is a member of the Italian Society of Criminologists (S.I.C.). Dr. Marchetti worked for 6 years in a community for young people with psychosis, for more than 22 years as a consultant to the Ministry of Justice at a prison in northern Italy, and for more than 10 years as a professor for the Penitentiary Police. Since 2003 she has been a technical consultant and expert to the judicial courts. She is also independently active as a private psychoanalytic psychotherapist. Dr. Marchetti has studied and written about the interpsychic processes of mafia prisoners who cooperate with law enforcement, and she has studied the dynamics between forensic patients and the various participants in the legal and psychological branches within institutions. 

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