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Forensic Group Psychotherapy: The Portman Clinic Approach

John Woods and Andrew Williams (eds.)

  • Forensic Group Psychotherapy: The Portman Clinic Approach is part of the Portman Paper Series and New International Library of Group Analysis series. 

Forensic Psychotherapy and Paedophilia in Intellectual Disabilities

Richard Curen

  • Richard Curen's chapter on Forensic Psychotherapy and Paedophilia in Intellectual Disabilities appears in the book 'Contemporary Issues in Intellectual Disabilities' edited by V. P. Prasher.

Foreign National Mentally Disordered Offenders' pathway through secure services

Spencer, S., Gilluley, P. & Hillier, B.

  • Over recent years UK immigration legislation and procedures have changed significantly. Although these developments affect many foreign national mentally disordered offenders, the professionals caring for them are often unaware of the implications of these changes and the possible alternative care pathways. In this article the authors explore the amendments and the options available for this patient group, and highlight the ethical difficulties that professionals can face.

Forensic Music Therapy: A Treatment for Men and Women in Secure Hospital Settings

Stella Compton Dickenson, Helen Odell-Miller & John Adlam (eds)

  • Forensic Music Therapy demonstrates diverse and innovative approaches, which include live, improvised and pre-composed music, from music therapy teams working in secure treatment settings. The book covers clinical development, research, supervision and discussion of institutional and multi-disciplinary team dynamics. 

Forensic Psychiatry

Berman, J., Minne, C., Attard, S., Oyebode, O.

  • This chapter on Forensic Psychiatry appears in the new edition of a highly successful, award winning textbook for trainee psychiatrists, covering in one volume all the subjects required for the new MRCPsych and similar exams. Written in a highly engaging manner, it will also prove invaluable to qualified psychiatrists who need to keep up-to-date with the latest developments, as well as clinical psychologists, general practitioners, psychiatric nurses and senior medical students 

Forensic Psychotherapy: Crime, Psychodynamics and the Offender Patient (Forensic Focus)

Cordess, C. & Cox, M. (eds)

  • Widely regarded as the definitive work on forensic psychotherapy, this major compendium is now published in paperback in one volume.

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