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Avoidable Deaths

Louis Appleby, Jenny Shaw, Nav Kapal, et al

  • Safety is at the heart of good health care. In mental health services safety is particularly important but it is also an issue that raises sensitive questions. Where should the balance lie between patient protection and patient autonomy? How great is the risk to the public from mental illness? How many deaths could services prevent?

Abusive help - helping abuse: the psychodynamic impact of severe personality disorder on caring institutions

Hinshelwood RD

  • Personality-disordered patients have invariably suffered abuse at the hands of carers when young, and they tend to repeat an abusive relationship when they encounter care in later life. The provision of care in psychiatric, forensic, penal and other institutions may degenerate into a form of unconscious abuse perpetrated against those in care. This is almost always unrecognized and the experience of carers is often to mismanage their own frustrated inability to understand what is happening to them, their charges and the institution.

A Practical Guide to Forensic Psychotherapy

Estela Welldon & Cleo Van Velsen (eds)

  • Forensic Psychiatry has expanded exponentially in the last twenty years with a dramatic increase in forensic psychiatry posts and medium secure unit beds. More recently there has been increased concern with the treatment and management of mentally ill offenders which has led to more interest in understanding. Treatment is seen by many people to be of great importance, hence the formation of the International Association for Forensic Psychotherapy, and the founding of the first diploma in forensic psychotherapy at the Portman Clinic, London. This practical text book is written for all professionals involved with people who break the law.

Ana Attia's Story - failed by her keepers

Bradley Hillier

  • Letter to The Independent newspaper on Sunday 29th August 2010.

An Unwelcome Guest: The Unconscious Mind in the Courtroom

Reena Kapoor and Andrew Williams

  • This article argues that psychodynamic principles and approaches should continue to be used in forensic psychiatric work within the legal system and outlines with case study examples how this can be done.

Antisocial personality disorder: new directions

Yakeley, J. & Williams, A.

  • Antisocial personality disorder is a complex condition carrying high rates of comorbidity and mortality for individuals as well as harmful consequences for their families and society. Despite the publication of National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) guidelines for the disorder, the evidence base and provision of effective treatments remain inadequate, and the belief that the condition is untreatable remains widespread among psychiatrists and other professionals. This article highlights current diagnostic controversies and summarises the evidence for conceptualising antisocial personality disorder as a disorder of attachment. 

Attachment, mentalization and antisocial personality disorder: The possible contribution of mentalization-based treatment

McGauley, G., Yakeley, J., Williams, A., & Bateman, A.

  • This article outlines the evidence base and current psychotherapeutic treatment approaches for individuals with a diagnosis of antisocial personality disorder (ASPD). 

Assessments and admissions during the first six years of a medium secure DSPD service

Freestone, M., Taylor, C., Milsom, S., Mikton, C., Phillips, O. & Coid, J.

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